Solve Riddles to win $114

Solve Riddles to win $ 114

Solve Riddles to win $ 114

 Riddles Only People With Good Gumption Can Solve

Two men are standing on the sting of AN abysm on a wood board. one in all them is holding a gun and needs to shoot the opposite one however if the second guy falls down, the primary one can represent the abysm

Question Is there a possible way for one of them to survive?  Who will actually die?a
As a teenager, Charles used to walk alone. Once, in a forest, he fell into a well. The well’s depth was 30 m. To get out, he climbed the slippery wall at a pace of 3 m per day, and at night when he got very tired, he’d fall 2 m down. But he managed to get out anyway
Question How many days did it take him to get out of the well?A
Solve Riddles to win $

After that, Charles got well. He determined to pay his life in an exceedingly cozy house within the suburbs of his town. A carrier delivered all correspondence, a food delivery man brought food, and a newspaper delivery man delivered newspapers everyday On Friday the carrier was delivering the mail and saw Charles in an exceedingly pool of blood, lying on the ground within the room. He known as the police directly The lawman examined the crime scene and finished that Charles was dead. On the table, there have been some bottles of milk, bread, pills, keys, and Tuesday’s newspaper. The carrier and a pair of delivery men fell underneath suspicion
Question: Who killed poor Charles?A
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