news; Trump rejects "all meaningless numbers" as the Fed meets

Trump trashes ‘meaningless numbers’ as Fed meets

Trump trashes ‘meaningless numbers’ as Fed meets

President Trump continued his months long criticism of the Federal Reserve System on Tues because the Fed’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) begins its two-day financial policy meeting

I hope the individuals over at the Fed can scan today’s Wall Street Journal Editorial before they create one more mistake. Also don’t let the market become from now on illiquid than it already is Stop with the 50. Feel the market, don’t simply pass purposeless numbers Trump tweeted

 The 50 B’s seems to sit down with the $50 billion price of bond holdings that the Fed has been rolling off its record for over a year currently. It’s a part of a wider effort to wind down its record, that at one purpose vainglorious to $4.5 trillion amid multiple rounds of quantitative easing

 Like raising interest rates, shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet is a form of tighter monetary policy, which can slow the economy

 This is Trump’s second Fed-related tweet this week
It is unimaginable that with a really sturdy dollar and just about no inflation the skin world reproof around America, Paris is burning and China method down, the Fed is even considering yet one more rate hike Trump tweeted on Monday Take the Victory

The markets are valuation during a seventy one.5% likelihood of a rate hike announcement on Wed, in step with CME futures information, once the Fed wraps up its last two day meeting of the year Last week, the possibilities stood north of eightieth
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